YouTube URL Tricks

1. Link to Any Part of a Video
Can be shared 90 seconds in using this URL:

2. Loop a Video Infinitely
To this to loop it:

3. Bypass Age Restrictions

Take a YouTube URL for a restricted video like this:
Delete the watch? and replace the = with another / to create a URL that looks like this:

4. Skip a Certain Amount of the Intro
Add start=30 to the URL and get this:

5. Download YouTube Videos

This example URL:
Can be downloaded by changing the URL to either of these:

6. Check Out YouTube TV

Just visit this URL to have a look:

7. Jump Straight to Your Subscriptions

When you’re signed in, try changing your YouTube bookmark from the main site to your subscriber upload page using this URL:

8. Grab the Thumbnail of Any Video

You can actually view a high-quality thumbnail for any YouTube video (if it has one) by visiting the following URL:

Replace the [VideoID] with the text after the v= at the end of a YouTube video. So, to view the thumbnail for this video:

Visit this link:

9. Make a GIF from a Video

Change the URL to this:

10. Mash Up YouTube Videos

Visit YouTubeDoubler and you can add two YouTube URLs to mix together. You can choose to start either video at a certain time to help them sync up. Whether you see how two songs sound when played at the same time or want to add some funny background music to a clip, have a look and see what you can create!



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