Services Statistics Education (Private Sector) 2015 (DOS M’sia)


This publication presents statistics on education services in the private sector which encompasses primary education, secondary education, college & university education and other education. The statistics presented were compiled based on the Survey of Services Establishment conducted in 2015 for reference year 2014.



In terms of gross output, college & university education registered the highest value of RM7.5 billion (69.9%) to the total. This was followed by secondary education of RM1.4 billion (13.3%), other education of RM1.3 billion (12.4%) and primary education with gross output of RM0.5 billion or contributed 4.4 per cent.

Similarly, college & university education was the highest contributor to the total value added in the education services with RM4.8 billion (68.0%). This was followed by secondary education with a value added of RM1.0 billion (14.4%), other education with RM874 million (12.5%) and primary education with RM357 million (5.1%) as potrayed in Chart 1.

Chart 1 : Percentage distribution of gross output and value added in education services, 2014 

Value of fixed assets recorded in 2014 was RM11.3 billion of which RM9.2 billion (81.4%) was owned by establishments engaged in college & university education. The second highest contributor was secondary education, RM1.4 billion (12.0%) and followed by other education, RM0.5 billion (4.1%). The remainder was owned by primary education.

Total number of persons engaged in education services was 84,743 persons, of which 75,815 persons or 89.5 per cent were paid full-time employees while 5,794 or 6.8 per cent were paid part-time employees. The others were working proprietors and unpaid family workers of 3,134 persons (3.7%). College & university education has the largest share of persons engaged of 43,852 persons (51.7%) followed by other education (25.9%), secondary education (18.1%)  and primary education (4.3%).

Out of the total number of paid full-time employees, managerial, professional and executive category constituted the highest number with 53,137 persons (70.1%) followed by clerical and related occupations of 11,183 (14.8%), technical and supervisory of 5,776 (7.6%) and general workers of 5,719 (7.5%) as shown in Chart 2.

Chart 2 : Percentage distribution of persons engaged by category of workers in education services, 2014 

In terms of number of persons engaged by sex, education services was dominated by female workers with 46,687 persons or 55.1 per cent, as compared to male workers, 44.9 per cent. Number of female workers was observed to be higher than male workers in paid full-time employees and paid part-time employees.

For paid full-time employees, number of female workers was higher than male workers for managerial, professional and executive category (female: 54.9%; male: 45.1%) and clerical and related occupations (female: 73.9%; male: 26.1%). Nevertheless, for technical and supervisory category as well as general workers, male workers were more than female workers with share of 59.2 per cent and 58.3 per cent respectively (Chart 3).

Chart 3 : Percentage distribution of employment by category of paid full-time employees and sex, 2014

Total salaries & wages disbursed for education services during 2014 was RM3.4 billion. Out of the total, RM2.3 billion (66.9%) was paid by establishments engaged in college & university education. Secondary education paid RM0.6 billion (18.0%) while other education recorded RM0.4 billion (11.3%) to the total salaries & wages paid. The other RM0.1 billion (13.8%) was contributed by primary education.

For salaries & wages paid by category of workers, the managerial, professional and executive received the highest average annual salary & wages of RM51,816 while the second highest (RM38,350) was received by technical and supervisory category. This was followed by clerical and related occupations (RM23,254) and general workers (RM16,024). Table 1 shows average annual salary & wages by category of workers.

Table 1 : Employment and average annual salary & wages by category of workers, 2014


Table 2 : Key indicators by state, 2014

In 2014, Selangor registered the highest gross output in education services of RM4.5 billion (41.7%). This was followed by W.P. Kuala Lumpur and Johor which recorded RM2.1 billion (19.6%) and RM743 million (7.0%) respectively as potrayed in Table 2.

Similarly for value added, these three states were also the highest contributors of which Selangor contributed 44.2 per cent followed by W.P. Kuala Lumpur (19.1%) and Johor (4.9%).

These three states also dominated the total number of persons engaged accounting for 48,579 persons (57.3%). Selangor recorded the highest number of 26,219 persons (30.9%) followed by W.P. Kuala Lumpur of 14,098 (16.6%) and Johor of 8,262 (9.7%).

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