[Summary] Year in Search 2020 — India’s Determined Progress

To think in google way. The summary of selected Google articles in March 2021.

Article: Year in Search 2020 — India’s Determined Progress



The events of last year set in motion a tremendous amount of change — from shifts in our daily routines to our relationship with technology. In India, the internet evolved from a platform for communication and engagement to a lifeline — making it more important than ever.


90% of internet users prefer to use their local language to search and carry out tasks online. Last year, search queries for “translate” increased by over 50%, while 50% of Google Discover users consumed content in Indian languages. With rapid digitization and new internet users growing, the “3Vs”: voice, video and vernacular, have become essential to the way Indians interact with the internet.


The way people define “essential items” has changed. That is being reported that a year-over-year (YoY) increase in search queries for “second hand laptops” (+60%) and “second hand car” (+30%). And search interest for “stock market” and “buy mutual funds” grew by 120% YoY and 50% YoY respectively. We also saw searches for on-demand services, such as “online doctor consultations,” increase by 300%.



As Indians turned to the internet to make their present lives easier and their future lives more sustainable, over 70% YoY growth in search queries for “how to make an app”

Indians are learning how to create apps and new skincare routines and are looking for certificated courses to future-proof their careers.

(source) Trends – the google way (March 2021)

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