[Summary] The future of beauty is digital

To think in google way. The summary of selected Google articles in March 2021.

Article: The future of beauty is digital: Applying the virtual lipstick try-on with Maybelline Thailand


Social distancing measures have also made an impact on the buying rituals of beauty shoppers.

Digital has long been changing the face of the beauty industry, and at L’Oréal, we haven’t missed the advances in augmented reality (AR). Combined with the accessibility of channels like YouTube, shoppers now have an easy way to explore beauty products from the comfort of home.

In 2020, new online shoppers generated over one-third of all SEA online commerce.

In a promising sign for beauty brands, 25% of new digital users in Thailand bought beauty products online for the first time as a result of COVID-19.

Bring the fun of trying on beauty products to mobile

Shoppers still need to explore beauty products like they did pre-pandemic. Maybelline Thailand created a fun and snappy one-minute video creative called Eatproof to showcase its Super Stay Matte Ink range’s selling points. This was accompanied by the virtual try-on feature.

Try yourself

Create a smooth journey from awareness to purchase

The YouTube AR Beauty Try-On function included a call-to-action (CTA) overlay to encourage users to tap the AR try-on button.

Increase traffic through the right channels at the right time

YouTube CPM Masthead was a fantastic tool that placed Maybelline Thailand video creative prominently in the YouTube Home feed across devices. by the use of TrueView Discovery, which catching relevant customers while they explored YouTube for videos they love to watch.

The lesson here is for brands to think outside the box. The box itself is changing: Google’s Year in Search 2020 report found customers are increasingly bringing their “whole selves” to brands.

Innovation helping customers optimize their time by meeting them on the platforms they’re on and with the technologies that serve them.

In a world where extra hygiene concerns and e-commerce are new norms, the future of beauty is virtual and touchless.

(source) Trends – the google way (March 2021)

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