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To think in google way. The summary of selected Google articles in March 2021.

Article: Future-proof your online retail business: 3 insights about brand websites


In one research of both brand websites (Brand.com) and marketplaces in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand, that discovered the significance of the roles of each platform in consumers’ paths to purchase across verticals such as consumer electronics, home appliances, apparel, sportswear, and beauty products.

55% of shoppers used a brand’s website at some stage during their path to purchase, indicating that Brand.com is an invaluable channel in consumers’ buying journey, alongside marketplaces.

Shoppers want an immersive experience that helps them explore products in detail

Around 41% of Brand.com shoppers indicated that brand websites give them an immersive experience, and are motivated to use these websites because they offer clear product specs, show product specs via photo or video assets, and are easy to navigate.

Shoppers turn to Brand.com for a sense of assurance on their purchase decisions

When shopping on a brand website, 42% of shoppers said they felt the product they were purchasing was trustworthy or authentic, while 41% said they were assured that the information on the website was correct.

Promotions are often rated as the top reason why consumers choose to shop on marketplaces over a brand website.


Shoppers want to connect with brands on their terms

When it comes to Brand.com, consumers want localized content, from ensuring content is in a language they are familiar with to be able to find and buy products they’ve viewed online via local brand websites.

The roles and opportunities of Brand.com:

With Brand.com, brands are building a first-party data ecosystem, which can help personalize and localize the experience shoppers crave. By engaging the right customers and finding ways to continually connect with them, brands are future-proofing their brand and ensuring long-term value.

(source) Trends – the google way (March 2021)

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