Copy and Paste techniques

Advanced techniques with copy and paste may not work in all applications but they sure do save time in many instances.


What You Need to Know for “Copy and Paste”:

Select Text – Highlight areas of text.

Copy – Placing selected text onto the clipboard.

Cut – Removing selected text from a document and putting in on the clipboard.

Delete – Remove selected text and not put it on the clipboard.

Paste – Put data that is on the clipboard into a document.

Clipboard – On Windows machines, there is a place called the clipboard. When you select and copy (or cut) an item, the data is placed on the clipboard. It then stays there until the computer is shut down or another item is copied onto the clipboard and it replaces it.



Select Multiple Selections With Shift and CTRL Key

You can select two (or more) different areas within a document at the same time. To do this, select the first area and release the mouse button. Put the cursor at the beginning of the next area you want to select, then hold down the CTRL key and begin selecting the next area.


If you want to select from start to finish, hold down the Shift key.

This is especially handy when selecting files from a list in windows explorer and dialog windows.


Select All

In almost every application, you can select the entire document by using the CTRL and A key together.


Use Keyboard to Select (Works in Word Processing)

You don’t need the mouse! You can highlight text by using the shift key and arrow keys. Move the cursor to the area you want to select, then hold down the shift key and move the arrow key.


Select by Clicking

You can select a word, line or paragraph by multiple clicking. You do this by double clicking or clicking three or four times rapidly. Just place the cursor over the word, then double click to highlight the word. Click three times and you will get the entire line or paragraph (depends on application you are using) or four times for the paragraph.


A Tip for Selecting

If you have an area highlighted, in most instances you can just begin typing and that text will dissapear. That way you don’t need to hit the delete key.


Copying or Cutting


Instead of using the right mouse button menu you can use the keyboard to copy or cut the selected text.

CTRL + C – Copies the selection to the clipboard.

CTRL + X – Cuts the selection and copies it to the clipboard.

DEL (or DELETE) – Deletes the selection.

Often there are also copy, cut and delete menus within the application menus or there are buttons on the application.

Paste Techiniques


You can also paste using keyboard shortcuts.

CTRL + V – Pastes the contents of the clipboard at the cursor location.

Drag and Drop selected Sections Without Using Clipboard

Did you know that you can drag selected sections to another area of the document or even to another application? To drag and drop, select the area, then put your mouse cursor over the selection. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag it to where you want it. You can even drag selected text to another visible window application. It is easiest if you have two windows side by side.


More Techiques

When you look through menus, be sure to note the keyboard shortcut for commands. They really save time and most work in all applications. For instance, you can undo the last command by hitting CTRL + Z.

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