How To Stop WhatsApp for STEAL YOUR phone No.

There is no such thing as a free lunch, and WhatsApp users are about to taste the price of sharing their supposedly private phone number, not that they have any choice in the first place.

 Such breaches of privacy is not supposed to happen, as WhatsApp sought to reassure its users that absolutely no advertisement would be placed to interrupt users’ experience right after it was acquired by Facebook in a whopping US$19 billion deal. However, common sense should tell you that it’s a matter of time before they break their promise.

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Unless Mark Zuckerberg is retarded, of which he clearly isn’t, Facebook has no plan running WhatsApp like a charity forever after splashing US$19 billion. After 2 years of ads-free since the acquisition, the day has come to squeeze every penny from more than 1-billion WhatsApp users. On Thursday, WhatsApp announced it will begin sharing phone numbers and analytics data of its users with its parent company – Facebook.

It’s a public knowledge that Zuckerberg’s Facebook is brainwashing users by deciding what news they should read. Now, they’re starting to make money by allowing businesses a new avenue to reach potential customers – that’s you, dude. Don’t be surprise to receive calls or text from an insurance salesman just because you read an article about insurance in your Facebook.

First, WhatsApp should have rolled out its newly updated terms and conditions. If you haven’t seen and forced to read the new terms, chances are you haven’t updated your WhatsApp from Play Store. At the bottom of the terms and conditions screen is a small note that says “Read more about the key updates to our terms and privacy policy.” Tap this, then “uncheck the checkbox.

Sharing WhatsApp Account Info With Facebook - Terms of Service

For those who have “blindly” accepted those new terms, there’s still a way to backtrack on your initial acceptance of the policy. (Worry not because you’ve still got 30 days to opt out )

Here’s the second method: go to the WhatsApp’s “Settings” menu, and then select the “Account” tab. From there, uncheck the box reading “Share my account info” to prevent any sharing of user data with Facebook. Of course, if you don’t have a Facebook account, there’s nothing to worry about but to be on the safe side, it’s advisable to perform this procedure anyway.

Sharing WhatsApp Account Info With Facebook - How To Uncheck Sharing

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