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Pilot of Vanished Malaysian Flight Had Deviant Route on His Simulator, Minister Says

By RICK GLADSTONEAugust 5, 2016



The pilot of the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that mysteriously vanished more than two years ago had used his personal flight simulator to practice a path over the remote southern Indian Ocean, where the aircraft is believed to have crashed, the country’s transport minister said on Thursday.

马来西亚交通部长周四表示,两年多前神秘失踪的那架马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)喷气式客机的飞行员,曾用自己的私人飞行模拟器模拟在遥远的南印度洋上空飞行的路线。飞机据信是在那片海域坠毁。

The remarks by the minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, represented the first time the Malaysian government had acknowledged that the flight simulator belonging to the pilot of Flight 370, Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, contained such a path, leading far from any route his airline flew.

交通部长拿督斯里廖中莱(Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai)的言论代表着马来西亚政府首次承认,这台属于370航班飞行员、机长扎哈里·艾哈迈德·沙阿(Zaharie Ahmad Shah)的飞行模拟器里包含这样一条路线,它的目的地远离该航空公司飞行过的所有路线。

The minister did not say when the pilot might have practiced that route, and he emphasized that it was one of many found on the simulator, which the pilot kept at his home. The minister also said it would be premature to draw any conclusions from the disclosure.


Nonetheless, it added to telltale indications that the aircraft, a Boeing 777-200 jet carrying 239 passengers and crew members, might have been deliberately crashed into the sea by Mr. Zaharie after departing Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8, 2014.


“Yes, there is simulation showing it flew to many parts of the world,” the minister was quoted by Malaysia’s Bernama News Agency as saying at a monthly Transport Ministry briefing. The remote southern Indian Ocean route was “one of many,” he said.

“是的,有实况模拟显示它飞到了世界上许多地方,”马来西亚的马新社(Bernama News Agency)如此援引廖中莱在交通部每月例行的新闻发布会上的讲话。那条遥远的南印度洋航线是“其中之一”,他说。

The minister appeared to be responding to a report published on July 22 by New York magazine, which said it had obtained a confidential document from a Malaysian police investigation showing that Mr. Zaharie had practiced the route on his simulator less than a month before Flight 370 disappeared “under uncannily similar circumstances.”

廖中莱似乎是在回应《纽约》(New York)杂志7月22日发表的一篇报道。文中称,该杂志获得了马来西亚警方调查中的一份机密文件,显示扎哈里曾在自己的模拟器上模拟那条飞行路线,之后不到一个月370航班便“在出奇类似的情况下”消失。

The magazine called the revelation, which was not in the Malaysia government’s public report on the Flight 370 investigation, the strongest evidence yet that the pilot had “made off with the plane in a premeditated act of mass murder-suicide.”


Flight 370’s deviation from its planned route, taking the aircraft thousands of miles off course, remains a mystery of modern civil aviation. One of the working theories is that the plane flew for hours on autopilot with its crew dead or incapacitated and then crashed when its fuel ran out.


Technical signals sent by the plane suggested that it might have wound up in a 46,000-square-mile area of the southern Indian Ocean, but aircraft and ships have scoured the area without turning up a sign of the aircraft. Last month, the three countries leading the search — Australia, China and Malaysia — said they would suspend the operation, but would revive it if “credible new information” emerged about the plane’s whereabouts.


A small amount of debris believed to be from the plane has been found thousands of miles to the west. The most significant pieces appeared to be a wing part known as a flaperon — discovered last year on Réunion, an island near Madagascar that is part of France — and another wing segment found more recently near the coast of Tanzania.


A prominent crash investigator caused a stir last weekend by asserting that the flaperon appeared to have been placed in an extended position when it hit the water, and that it had to have been done deliberately. The assertion by the investigator, Larry Vance, who led an inquiry into the 1998 crash of Swissair Flight 111 in the Atlantic Ocean, has not been confirmed by officials in charge of the Flight 370 inquiry.

上周末,一位知名事故调查专家的言论引起人们的注意,他说那块襟副翼落水时处于展开状态,这必须经由专门操作。负责370航班事故调查的官员还没有证实这位名叫拉里·万斯(Larry Vance)的专家的判断。万斯曾在1998年领导调查瑞士航空(Swissair)111班机在大西洋坠毁的事故。

“Somebody was flying the airplane at the end of its flight,” Mr. Vance said in an interview on Australia’s “60 Minutes” program. “Somebody was flying the airplane into the water. There is no other alternate theory that you can follow.”

“飞行的最后阶段有人在驾驶这架飞机,”万斯在接受澳大利亚《60分钟》(60 Minutes)节目采访时说。“有人驾驶着这架飞机冲入了大海。其他假设都说不通。”

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